Yesterday, and after two weeks of solid work building and programming the new board, I can finally say my quadrocopter can fly! Although the video doesn't show it too well, it is actually incredibly stable once trimmed correctly, I can definitely say it flys far better than I expected for the first run. I would love to try it outside, however it's currently confined to my house due to the 5 days of constant rain and wind we are forecast (and waiting for the glue to set on the second break in the frame, woops).

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Now that I have successfully decoded the reciever data I can finally remotely control the quad! This means tomorrow I should be able to take it off its supports and attempt the first flight 😀

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I'm back! Unfortunately the old site was hacked by an unscrupulous individual by the name of TiGER-M@TE, who wrote over all of the sites files. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, however the day previously I had wiped my computer to move to Windows 7, including my local version of the site, assuming I would just be able to sync with the server a few days later. Of course thanks to karma this wasn't the case, so all my previous efforts are now lost forever...

But no worries! This time I'm just using a standard wordpress blog instead of botching my own together with my poor grasp of php and mysql, which means more time for content! (and backing up). I'll be spending the next few days trying to salvage what I can of the previous posts lost within my harddisk and updating with my current progress.

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