F*ck That

After spending around a straight 16 hours planning the new sensor mounting and control boards, I printed them out today for the first time for a last check before sending them off for fabrication.

You see that tiny chip on the right, closest to the penny? That's a 16 pin QFN package magnemometer. I'd guess its linear dimensions are around a quarter of that of the previous sensors I got stuck on, and the marginally larger MPU6050 on the left isn't much better. With this realisation I have decided to skip this painful mounting procedure by just buying a pre-built breakout board from a man in Germany. Slightly more expensive, but I'm sure being slightly out of pocket is better than tearing all my hair out at a later date when I get round to the soldering.

Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to have released any documentation on the dimensions of the board, so I can't get the control board designed and fabricated until this arrives, which could be at least a week or two 🙁


My heart just stopped for a moment when checking over this post when I saw the silkscreen text “MPU-3050″. However, upon zooming in the actual chip on the board is still a MPU6050, so I assume the two chips just had identical footprints which allowed the reuse of the old boards. I’ll be going apeshit upon its arrival if this isn’t the case :D

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