Probably for the best

After around five or six crashes, I think it is safe to say I have tested the quad to destruction. The good news is I have identified a bug that occurs when yawing and pitching/rolling at the same time, which seems to cause the quad to list to one side, and also happens to be the perfect scapegoat for me to blame all my crashes on. However sadly it is now exam season for me, so I'm banishing myself from any further work on this site or the quad until after the 1st of June, at which with some forward planning I should also be recieving my new frames and props. 😀

Over summer I expect to be tweaking the control loop to achieve a better response, possibly by controlling the quads angular velocity as well as its angle, along with hopefully producing a new control board with a GPS, a magnemometer, a barometer, and most importantly an x-bee for wireless telemetry. But until then, I need to get cracked on with some work 😉

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  1. At least those frames are cheap right? 😛

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